New materials, innovative ideas and the ongoing exchange with our team riders and customers, GUNSAILS products have constantly changed and evolved over the past years. For us, standing still is out of the question - we are always looking for new challenges. Our R&D team thus always focuses on unique designs and innovative concepts when developing our sails, rig components and other product groups.
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Foil surfing is the perfect option when it comes to early planing and speed in light winds. Even days with low wind become a speed session and you can fully enjoy your time on the water.
This unforgettable HY-Foil experience is the result of a long and intense development phase in which we worked with some of the most experienced aircraft engineers in Germany. Perfectly optimized wing profiles result in a unique efficiency in the creation of lift and minimal drag to take off instantly. The aluminum fuselage is the achievement of a precise robotic manufacturing process and is designed to minimize drag. Thereby you soon reached the feeling of flying. The combination of the profiled pre-preg mast made of high-strength carbon and the ultra-light carbon monocoque construction provide a highly reactive connection between foil and board and a powerful lift. The ultra-light front and back wings are built from high modulus carbon and are designed for all-round foiling from medium to high wind conditions.
Convinced? When your board is hovering silently over the water, you reach high speeds with little sail pressure and sail unimagined upwind courses, the fascination of foiling will catch you.

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We are fascinated not only by windsurfing, but by any water sport. Therefore, we are full of joy that there is a new discipline on the water: Wing Surfing. Compact handling, unlimited fun and action characterize this new sport. 
But even with the fast developing wing enthusiasm in the industry, our R&D team took their time to develop our HY-WING with the typical GUNSAILS quality and performance. Innovation doesn't stop with windsurfing for us.
The compact outline makes our Wing super easy to maneuver and the profile can be smoothly aligned from enormous drive to absolute neutrality. Three wide, padded handles on the center strut allow maximum freedom in positioning the hands. And with the Neutral Handle on the Leading Edge, the Wing can be depowered and hold with just one hand - perfect for wave riding where you don't need any pull in the Wing. We have designed a wing that is perfectly balanced and generates just the right amount of power. Everyone is having fun, no matter if beginner or advanced.
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Our ambition: To further complement and optimize classic windsurfing. The result: the Bow Concept. With the Bow, we have been working on a completely new concept of sailmaking and an innovative interaction between sail and mast since 2018. The Bow sail brings new dimensions in handling and wind range, showing a unique efficiency to dynamically adapt to a huge wind range. In this, it continuously has the same amount of drive and delivers effortless power. All in all: the perfect features for a high-speed and comfortable windsurfing experience.
This is all possible because of the specially developed Bow Flex mast in combination with a special Friction Bearing, a rotative mast shim. The unique design of the Bow Flex mast enables the significant bending line in the top. Due to this, the sail basically has no loose leech and has a low luff tension. An innovative sail design from the R&D department, which is only available at GUNSAILS. The Bow Concept has been patented by us. Read more about the concept here.



Innovations from the GUNSAILS R&D department combined in a 4-batten Compact Wave sail. The exclusive construction is based on the special membrane film: a 0.7 mil sandwich film with strategically placed Technora fibers in between. Technora is a high modulus performance fiber with a tensile strength 3 to 4 times higher than polyamide - so stability is pre-programmed here. The orientation of these fibers is designed to absorb the extreme power generated during waveriding. Each individual Technora fiber is oriented according to a calculated design pattern and directs the power acting on the sail to exactly the right position. This construction method allows for the unique reactivity and special driving experience of the Seal Membrane. Another innovation of the Seal Membrane technology: the new Clew Claws, i.e. two stable plastic claws bolted to the clew, where the rope only has to be hooked in. Another highlight is the Carbon Tack Plate, which ensures direct power transmission and incredible durability thanks to its large surface area.
You can read more about the Seal Membrane features here.



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