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Easy handling, amazing performance and super planing power. The Zoom is the best choice for your freeride session in any wind range. Thanks to the perfectly balanced sail profile and the absolutely stable draft point, it provides a smooth drive, easy handling and great control. The NoCam freeride sail embodies uncomplicated windsurfing in every respect. If you’re looking for planing exhilaration at its finest and unforgettable jibing pleasure, you’re well equipped with the Zoom.

> Modern, NoCam freeride sail for all skill levels
> Adaptive batten concept from small to large
> Simple rigging and easy handling
> X-Ply Frame for durability, 50% Square-Ply up to 5.6 sqm for more safety
> RDM recommendation up to 6.4 sqm / all sizes SDM compatible
> Ideal for intermediate, freeride and crossover boards

This model offers nine sizes, each one specifically designed for the respective wind and water conditions: The sizes 4.7 to 5.6 sqm appear with 5 battens for more agility and a higher X-Ply proportion for more safety. The sizes 6.0 to 6.9 sqm on the other hand have the classic 6-batten freeride design and convince with their effortless handling. From 7.2 sqm on, the Cross Batten concept gives the necessary profile stability and control for the larger sail surface. In addition, the 2022 range benefits from a slightly more generous mast sleeve, which improves the rigging and the rotation and thus significantly increases the overall comfort.
The Zoom is optimally balanced for every wind range and the ideal companion for beginners and intermediates as well as for all fans of uncomplicated freeriding. Due to its early planing, the top acceleration and the numerous maneuver options you will not want to miss the performance of this NoCam sail. Zoom yourself to a new level of freeride fun.


Windsurf Freeride


Top IMCS Best Mast Mast
4.7 160 405 5/0 vario 18-20 Cross/Expert/Select 400 RDM/SDM 469,- 399,-
5.2 169 422 5/0 vario 18-20 Cross/Expert/Select 400 RDM/SDM 489,- 439,-
5.6 176 443 5/1 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 RDM/SDM 495,- 449,-
6.0 180 447 6/2 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 RDM/SDM 499,- 455,-
6.4 188 452 6/3 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 RDM/SDM 515,- 465,-
6.9 193 455 6/3 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 RDM/SDM 529,- 475,-
7.2 198 470 6/5 fix 24-26 Cross/Expert/Select 460 SDM 539,- 485,-
7.7 208 484 6/5 fix 24-26 Cross/Expert/Select 460 SDM 549,- 495,-
8.2 215 497 6/5 fix 28-30 Cross/Expert/Select 490 SDM 569,- 499,-



A GUNSAILS windsurf sail is a combination of selected and high-quality materials, combined with years of experience and construction knowhow. Sail designer Renato Morlotti is responsible for the performance and quality of the sails. In his working environment he has optimised everything down to the smallest detail. Every piece of material in the sail is continuously improved in terms of durability and weight savings. Only a closer look reveals the quality, good manufacturing and durability of a GUNSAILS sail.


To ensure the functionality, easy handling and durability of our products, we have developed various features over the years and established them as our standard. The dedication and precision of our sail designer Renato Morlotti are once again evident in the individual details. An important factor that makes our quality possible and distinguishes us from other sail brands.

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WINDSURF UK #412 2022 // ZOOM 5.6 2022

Testbericht Windsurf Freeride Segel Test Surf Magazin, Windsurf Journal, Planchemag, Windsurf UK, Windnews

OVERVIEW: The Zoom entered Gunsails’ fold last year, replacing the Stream as their no-cam freeride sails series. The Torro is Gunsails’ designated crossover sail, but was unavailable at the time of testing, so it was a good opportunity to check out a smaller size of the Zoom – a sail much liked by us in the no-cam 7.0m test last season. Comprising of nine sizes, from 4.7m to 8.2m, the focus of the Zoom changes through its sizes, from more x-ply, fewer tubed-battens and less battens overall in the smaller sizes, to a cross batten concept introduced in sizes 7.2m and up, to improve structural stability. This 5.6m is the third smallest in the range, boasting five battens (of which one is tubed), and plenty of square-ply in its panels. Advances for 2022 are noted by Gunsails as an increase in luff tube size, said to “improve the rigging and the rotation and thus significantly increase the overall comfort.” It is certainly a wide sleeve and whilst stated as compatible with SDM or RDM, was tested here on one of the brand’s Select 100% RDMs. Straightforward to rig and set thanks to the roller in the tack and the F.R.E.D. (Fast Rigging, Easy Doing) visual guide in the upper panel, the Zoom displays a small amount of shape low down at rest, but is flat above the boom, the two lower battens retaining some rotation around the mast, whilst the leech falls away progressively along its length. There’s just one clew eyelet provided to keep rigging simple, and the overall finish of the Zoom is very well pointed and functional, giving a real sense of value for its price-tag.

BRAND CLAIM: “Easy handling, amazing performance and super planing power. The Zoom is the best choice for your freeride session in any wind range. Thanks to the perfectly balanced sail profile and the absolutely stable draft point, it provides a smooth drive, easy handling and great control.”

PERFORMANCE: Balanced and easy in the hands at rest, as a gust hits, the movement in the luff sleeve and lower Dacron luff panel really help the Zoom’s draft to breathe into a much deeper profile. The power delivery as a result is very smooth and forgiving, progressively building and taking and sharpness out of any gust. And unlike the Zoom 7.2m we tested last year (whose centre of effort was low and forward), this 5.6m’s power is focussed forward but higher in the draft, making it more useful and honest in marginal conditions. Pump the Zoom energetically, and the leverage afforded by the higher focal point means that there certainly wasn’t any embarrassment, helping to squeeze the board forward. Conversely, the passive rider is equally well catered for, holding the sail upright and simply letting it drive the board onto the plane. Once going it's a pleasure to use – smooth and forgiving (particularly noticeable in choppy coastal seas) and feeling compact in the hands. As the wind increases, the Zoom’s manners remain its centrepiece, never asking too much of the rider or misbehaving. It has an excellent natural range, the leech twisting off evenly, helping to keep the power focussed forward and the pressure away from the rider’s backhand. In prolonged lulls, all this movement in the leading edge does result in a noticeable reduction in drive to get through unscathed, and through carving transitions, the reduced pressure invariably results in less power for the active rider. The upside, however, is that the Zoom goes neutral and easy in the hands mid-transition, making it easy and forgiving to reposition on the new tack, before the power returns progressively.

THE VERDICT: With impeccable manners and the easiest temperament, the Zoom is a pleasure to use, giving it real practicality for the progressing rider, taking their first foray into the high-wind arena.


Testbericht Windsurf Freeride Segel Test Surf Magazin, Windsurf Journal, Planchemag, Windsurf UK, Windnews

The shape concept of the Gunsail Zoom has the effect that the battens slide far to the side of the mast without wind pressure - quite different from the Neilpryde, for example. To achieve a similarly deep profile, the boom must be set about two centimetres longer on the RDM mast. The way of the battens around the mast is somewhat longer, but the sail still rotates very well and smoothly in both cases, because the battens do not have as much internal tension as the Neil Pryde sail. However, the RDM mast can only gain the slightest advantages in manoeuvres, because the SDM counterpart already offers great gybe handling.

On the 1oo SDM, the sail not only seems light, but also builds up good draft when pumping and passes into a very controlled speed session with a slightly dampened feel. The sail is stable in the hands - and even with only moderate clew tension and even in strong gusts, it never pulls excessively on the back hand.

On the Select RDM, which also has a 1oo percent carbon content, the picture hardly changes: the sail works a little more in choppy water and seems a shade more dampened. However, the centre of pressure remains just as well under control and the driving stability is still very good. The sail lies calmly and hardly requires any corrections.

surf recommendation: Both masts provide a very similar, stable and slightly damped ride in the Zoom 7.2. Only above a surfer's weight of a good 85 kilos does the SDM win by a razor-thin margin with a few points due to the slightly stiffer feel.

WIND MAG #441 2022 // ZOOM 6.4 2022

Testbericht Windsurf Freeride Segel Test Surf Magazin, Windsurf Journal, Planchemag, Windsurf UK, Windnews

DESIGN The Zoom line, with 9 sizes, changes according to wind and sea conditions. The 6.4, the heart of the line, targets freeriders with its 6 cross battens, lighter materials and a simple cut. The mast sleeve will be slightly widened in 2022. Recommended for RDM masts up to 6 9, SDM compatible.

ON THE WATER The Zoom has been designed to be easy to rig and easy to surf. Ergonomically, the block on the clew is aligned with the axis of the extension, so you don't have to worry about carrying out the rigging. Just follow the luff tension specifications and you will have a completely finished rig that is perfectly adjusted. This aspect is a great strength of Gunsails and simplifies your session. The simple design features a leech that opens wide. The boom is by far the shortest in this test field and gives the impression of a sail with a small area, resulting in improved efficiency in handling and ride. The Gunsails offers a good forward pull that brings into planing. The profile is balanced without excessive pressure: the Zoom is primarily user-friendly, but still offers good performance without being a sports engine. The freedom of movement makes the board lighter. The short boom in the jibe is pleasing. It simplifies power dosage in turns with a clear pivot point, which is supported by the reduced mast diameter, which is a true ally for lightness. The profile is also efficient at low winds and makes excellent use of a fresh breeze without losing smoothness in hands.

CONCLUSION The Zoom is an easily accessible, 100% freeride sail that can be sailed without technique or effort. With its smooth nature, the Gunsails also appeals to less athletic riders and those looking for a sail for an uncomplicated plug & play session. The Zoom surprised us again with its potential in a wide wind range. This rig allows you to progress and is great for having fun at a low cost.

+ Easy trim, easy surfing, tolerance, wind range, price
Too easy for the expert


Testbericht Windsurf Freeride Segel Test Surf Magazin, Windsurf Journal, Planchemag, Windsurf UK, Windnews

Plug & Play

The Zoom is a sail that evolves according to the area, number of battens or proportion of X-Ply: 50% from 4.4 to 5.6 m . The 6.4 offers 6 battens, including 3 tubes and a high proportion of monofilm.

ON THE WATER: Easy to rig and easy to pull out of the water with its RDM mast and its short boom, the Zoom represents simplicity and lightness. A very inviting first contact that continues throughout the session thanks to the good balance between power/stability/control/drive and lightness. And if other sails in this group prove more powerful for demanding pilots, the Zoom offers a score that is easier to read for the vast majority of pilots, with fewer technical or physical limitations. The Zoom is all about plug and play, as it progressively moves into action and offers the possibility of adopting a more refined riding style, with the body upright or more engaged, leaning backwards with the foot on the throttle. The planing is good for a 6.4 sail, thanks to a certain tightness of the profile that converts the wind into acceleration, as well as a very good cruising speed in the low and medium speed ranges. Despite the good stability in the upper wind range, it only reaches the speed limit faster than others, for example, its sister Rapid is much better in this domain. But its maneuverability is above average in tacks, gybes, beach starts and other water starts. Again, the lighter the better.

VERDICT: It is the good friend in this group, the one to have fun with, no questions asked, with an adaptability to all situations and a lot of fun. You are less tired after hours of sailing and maneuvering than with other sails. And the price is a real plus.

+ Balanced performance, lightness and maneuverability, entry level planing and gybing, lightness, price.
Power limitation for demanding riders

WIND NEWS IT FEB-MAR 2022 // ZOOM 7.2 2022

Testbericht Windsurf Freeride Segel Test Surf Magazin, Windsurf Journal, Planchemag, Windsurf UK, Windnews

When I tried the Zoom for the first time at the beginning of 2021, the no-cam freeride sail that GunSails introduced last year as a replacement for the "old" Stream, it seemed to me to be a real freeride sail in the tested size 7.2, flexible, easy to handle, light to carry, pleasant for the arms, quite fast, stable and in the end also affordable! In short, a sail that has all the prerequisites for fun planing in complete freedom and without too much physical exertion, as it can easily handle strong and gusty winds thanks to its good balance. Apart from that... maybe I don't particularly like no-cam freeride sails of this size with only six battens, maybe I've always used sails with at least two cambers and seven battens in light/medium winds, but the Zoom didn't impress me much. I found it to be the 'usual' nice sail without camber that you can easily glide with at full throttle without much trim stress.... a sail more suited to my friend Daniele, our lightweight tester, who is allergic to more technical and relatively heavier materials, than to me.

With the Zoom 6.0, on the other hand, I had the classic lightning effect.... all it took was a few runs in our home spot in the flatwater or "cubic" chop that goes by the name of Noli, a spot where the wind is often, though not always, gusty and unstable enough to change from 10 to 25 knots in a nanosecond.... to realise that I was looking at a sail that was so playful and easy to handle that I was amazed! I had expected it to launch in a rocket-like planing flight, to be easy to handle in gusts (the stability is exemplary, to say the least), but not so much "fun" in manoeuvres: the general lightness and the boom size of about 181 cm, which seems almost shorter, reward the zoom when gybing. Even in combination with a board that is not really suitable for freeriding, the AV board WaveFree 97 in "pure" thruster trim, where I had expected the lift of the Zoom 6.0 with its decent "belly" in the base to take me immediately to the spinout festival, considering that the centre fin of my WaveFree 97 reaches 19 cm "scratch for scratch" on the many Ligurian grounds, which is a shame. And instead I never had any problems with control even in the strongest gusts, the sail goes fast, is very stable and fun to ride. So much so that after some back and forth I returned to the shore and asked my two table neighbours to try the Zoom and tell me what they thought.

Unanimous enthusiasm from all three testers, so we can only conclude that this sail with six battens in this size is suitable for all freerider surfers who want to glide along effortlessly (so much so that it also appeals to the female audience), with a surplus of fun, but also performance, guaranteed!

+ trim and handling simplicity, stability and strong wind control, lightness, ratio accessibility/performances, quality/price
-  nothing

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