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Windsurf Foil for ambitious beginners and intermediates

Get ready to be blown away by the ultimate Freeride Foil in the HY-FOIL Range that is sure to ignite the passion of both beginners and experienced foilers alike! Thanks to the tireless efforts of some of the most experienced aircraft engineers in Germany, this foil boasts unrivaled efficiency that allows you to take flight with the slightest breeze.

The HY-FOIL FREE is built on a modular system that gives you the freedom to customize and expand your foil to suit your unique preferences and abilities. With four different front wing sizes to choose from, you can create your own dream setup and push your limits like never before. Trust us, once you try this masterpiece, you'll be hooked for life!

> Aerospace grade anodized aluminium mast (85 cm) and fuselage (95 cm)
> High modulus carbon wings
> Long aspect ratio freeride wing for stability and higher speeds
> Designed and simulated by aircraft engineers for unique foil efficiency
> Cushioned foil bag
> Designed for Deep Tuttle Box

The ultimate Freeride Foil in the HY-FOIL Range will amaze beginners and experienced foilers alike. Thanks to the work of some of the most experienced aircraft engineers in Germany the foil inherits a unique efficiency and allows it to take off with the lightest breeze.

All based on a modular system that will be able to grow with your needs and abilities. With its high aspect ratio frontwing and a rather slim profile it combines low wind performance with outstanding acceleration, effortless flights and reliable control.

Probably the most frequently asked question. In principle, it can be stated: The larger the front wing, the easier it is to launch and the longer you stay in the air. On the other hand, smaller front wings are more responsive/maneuverable and you can also achieve higher speeds with them.
In addition, your foil should also fit your body weight. The lighter the rider, the smaller the front wing. And one last rule: The more advanced the rider, the sooner he can switch to a smaller wing.

The racer among the front wings, high speed with perfect control, fast jibes but still forgiving handling. A wing for advanced foilers, lightweights or high wind enthusiasts.

The freerace all-rounder. Fast lift, excellent speed even in the lower wind range and stress-free handling of the foil characterize this wing. The 1050 is suitable for most weight classes and skill levels.

The Freerider takes off fast and then flies ultra stable with great balance and lots of speed. Wind holes do not affect this wing. Medium weight riders will love this combination.

The 1500 has the same performance profile as the 1050, just with a larger surface area to improve low wind performance. Ideal for heavier riders and those looking to expand the light wind range of their current foil.

The HY-FOIL FREE is built in our aluminium/carbon hybrid construction leading to the perfect compromise between stability, lightness and price. The high modulus carbon frontwing with downward facing wingtips provide additional stability while ensuring more safety for the rider. A 95 cm long fuselage, built from Aerospace grade aluminium is the sweet spot between stability and agility. Precisely synchronized modular mounting slots within the fuselage are securing the front- and back wing in the perfect angle of attack. The carbon backwing, with its subtle wingtips, stabilizes the flight and regulates the lift in higher speeds.
Thanks to years of simulation experience from the aircraft industry, the HY-FOIL FREE reaches the optimum of lift efficiency and speed, while reducing drag and avoiding turbulence.

The HY-FOIL FREE can be expanded in a modular way. Once you've decided on a set of a certain size, you can then later customize your next set from a selection of Front Wings, according to your needs.
This precisely calculated and finetuned foil will be the perfect choice for every foiling ability and will lift your foiling comfortably to the next level.

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Windsurf Foil


Size Surface
Aspect Ratio Volume Front Wing
Surface Back Wing
Mast length
Fuselage length
900 900 700 6,1 5,4 880 316 85 95
1050 1050 900 5,6 7,7 940 316 85 95
1350 1350 1036 5,9 8,0 1338 316 85 95
1500 1500 900 6,0 5,4 2218 316 85 95


Testbericht Foil Windsurf Surf Magazin


Red like the fire department, the foil from Gunsails leaves nothing to burn. Even the scope of delivery is excellent: with all screws cleanly sorted in a pillbox, two carbon wings, all in a solid bag. The 85 centimeter long mast is very stiff in all directions and in normal foil conditions sufficiently long with enough reserves. However, these are hardly necessary thanks to the very predictable foiling behavior. The wing comes up very early even in the lightest wind - two or three pumping actions are usually enough - and then builds up lift quickly and constantly. This allows for a sporty, edged flight position with a lot of forward thrust and pressure on the front wing and a lot of speed even in light winds. At the same time, the foil feels well controllable, but not nervous - and very predictable in the up-down axis. The foil is one of the fastest, especially in medium wind. In the gybe it stays up for a long time, prefers to go through medium turns, but can also take pressure quite well. With a spacer on the tail wing the lift can be reduced a little bit, then less draft is enough for a very good control over the foil even in stronger gusts.

CONCLUSION: Top freerace foil.

+ Light wind, speed potential, control
- Nothing

Testbericht Foil Windsurf Surf Magazin


Serenity in flight

Developed by a team of German aeronautical engineers, this new aluminum foil features a slim carbon wing and wide span carbon stabilizer, stiff fuselage and Deep Tuttle attachment head. A carbon mast is also compatible with this aircraft.

ON THE WATER: It needs a little more cruising speed than the best, then takes off with a more linear, smoother climb and plenty of lateral stability, : very suitable for first flights. In the air, the overall balance is very good, especially laterally, which is immediately reassuring and, above all, forgiving of errors in stance. You can feel the support when piloting, the foil is programmed to fly straight without lurching. Of course, those who like playful foils and turns lack liveliness, but instead the behavior is very healthy, very linear and therefore easier to control. One appreciates the balance of power and planing with plenty of support to go upwind and maintain flight in the lulls, while maintaining a very nice, natural cruising speed with little water resistance. Since there is no noise or vibration, the planing is very pure and you are less likely to notice that the acceleration and speed are so high. This Gunsails foil stabilizes narrow boards to go straight and doesn't deform too much when pushed against the wind with wider boards, indicating some tolerance. It is powerful in the low to medium wind range and will only have a little more power on the front leg at high speeds. Finally, it is very stable to explore the gybe at low speed.

CONCLUSION: Gunsails has hit the bull's eye with this easily accessible, very stable, gliding and powerful foil for less than €900. You can easily get on with it and calmly go on big tours with airtime gybes at wind speeds of 10 to 20 knots. A nice surprise.

+ Price, XL stability, performance/planing ratio, upwind ability, accessibility, good performance, silent flight.
Less playful, less responsive to feet to change flight path.

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