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The HY-FOIL WING is designed to provide outstanding all-around performance for any wing level. With four different front wing options, you have the freedom to customize the foil to your personal needs. Smooth and extremely early take-off, control in the air and plenty of performance potential offer both beginners and advanced foilers the right setup for their flight.
When designing this classy foil, we always had one goal in mind - to take your wing experience to the next level with plenty of fun. With our aluminum/carbon hybrid construction, the foil combines the highest quality aluminum components with high modulus carbon wings. The result is durability and lightness in an innovative design that is available at a fair price.

> Aerospace grade Aluminium Mast 80 cm
> Aluminium Fuselage, CNC milled and anodized
> Carbon Wings
> Padded Alu Plate Connector (Double US Box): strong and shock absorbing
> Cushioned foil bag to store your wings, mast and fuselage safely and conveniently
> Back Wings configuration: 1000 and 1300 Foil with Back Wing 220, 1600 and 2000 with Back Wing 282

Probably the most frequently asked question. In general, it can be said: The larger the front wing, the easier it is to launch and the longer you stay in the air. On the other hand, smaller front wings are more responsive/maneuverable and you can also achieve higher speeds with them.
In addition, your foil should also fit your body weight. A beginner around 65-70 kg doesn't necessarily need our 2000 wing, for him the 1600 wing is enough to start with. A 95+ kg rider should start with the 2000 wing.
And one last rule: The more advanced the rider, the sooner he can switch to a smaller front wing.
We have adjusted the Back Wings to fit the Front Wing size in the different sets.

The characteristic moustache form is driven by a bionic design approach. The central part of the frontwing is inspired by the wings of the albatross as the overall profile and sides of the wing resemble the fins of a dolphin. Nature has been selecting the best creations for a while so the aircraft engineers who have been developing this foil with us have been looking above and below sea level for inspiration. Combined with countless hours of simulation and years of experience we managed to find the sweet spot between stability, speed and control while minimizing the drag of the foil.
The resulting foil stands out through immense stability on straight flights, while keeping turning characteristics extremely easy and under control. The wing surface that is following the special moustache line will create lift through every moment of a turn or jibe while the rather pronounced profile will help to take off with the lightest of breezes.
The thicker profile of the frontwing and the rounded edges of the overall wing design, will increase the safety of use of the HY-FOIL Wing.

The HY-FOIL Wing set can be expanded in a modular way. Once you have decided on a set of a certain size, you can customize your next set from a selection of Front Wings, Masts and Back Wings, according to your needs. The aluminum fuselage is the key to the modularity of the foil, it stays the same.

Need help with your selection? Our customer service is here for you via chat, email or phone. Get out and Fly-HY!


Wing Surf Foil


Size Surface
Aspect Ratio Volume Front Wing
Surface Back Wing
Mast length
Fuselage length
1000 1000 700 4,7 4,5 2200 220 80 71,5
1300 1300 756 4,8 4,4 2600 220 80 71,5
1600 1600 945 5,3 5,6 3600 282 80 71,5
2000 2000 1078 5,4 5,8 4600 282 80 71,5



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As a newcomer to the foil business, Gunsails still keeps its range clear. The aluminum foil is currently available with a 1600 square centimeter frontwing, but you can choose between two backwings with 220 or 282 square centimeters of surface area.

ON THE BEACH: If you extrapolate robustness from weight, then the Gunsails-Foil should have extraordinary endurance qualities. At 5.5 kilos, it weighs an average of one kilo more than the GA in the hybrid version, for example. The workmanship also appears very solid. The strong undulations in the front and rear wings are eye-catching. Gunsails calls this a bionic design approach; dolphins and albatrosses send their regards. The first glance at the very voluminous profile makes it clear that no high-end speed foil is waiting for us here. To prevent unplanned foil-wing contact from ending in a crack in the wing canopy, all tips are slightly beveled or rounded. For the backwings, we chose the set-up with the smaller variant.

ON THE WATER: At the start, the medium sized, slightly stretched foil of 1,600 square centimeters comes out of the water quite early and harmoniously, even with the small rear wing. The fact that control was very important in the development is noticeable right from the first run. Both on the roll and pitch axis, the foil is very stable in the flight phase. As expected, you always feel a slight resistance of the foil. Nevertheless, the speed is okay and with a little more pull on the hands you can still fly the set-up even with increasing wind due to the good controllability. When jibing, you can fly the curved 1,600 very tight around the turn with medium pressure on the feet. When doing so, the tips should always remain in the water, otherwise the flow will break off abruptly. For freestyling and jumping, the set-up is very heavy and not very agile.

FOR WHOM? Developed for beginners and intermediates in wingfoiling, the 1,600 front wing for pilots up to 80 kilos also covers the lower wind range from ten, eleven knots well. If you want even more stability and lift, you should choose the larger rear wing. The rounded tips and thicker profile offer extra safety in the event of involuntary contact with the foil, especially for newcomers.


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