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This year again, the World Cup sail GS-R, continuously optimized by sail designer Renato Morlotti, will enter the race. The speed machine convinces with breathtaking performance, enormous planing power and maximum top speed.

Windsurf Segel ProgrammWindsurf Segel Character

> World Cup Fin sail
> Augmented Aerodynamics through 3D profiled mast sleeve
> 7/7 Cross-Batten-Concept, airflow aligned battens and neoprene cover at boom cutout
> Two offset clew claws for more trim flexibility and easy use of a trim system
> Tack Strap, regulates downhaul tension and improves profile efficiency
> 5.0 / 5.6 / 6.3 sqm RDM only

The R&D team around sail designer Renato Morlotti focuses on the GS-R, besides drive and acceleration, especially on technical and physical controllability. And this in constant dialogue with our GUNSAILS team riders and always with the goal of optimizing speed and acceleration even further and guaranteeing perfect handling. Speed is king! That's why the small sizes up to 6.3 sqm get a complete redesign this season. Innovative mast sleeve design, completely reworked profile and modified outline eliminate the speed limit. With the lighter sail feel and absolute control in strong wind conditions, the GS-R can push the limits in both slalom and speed events.
In order to focus not on the sail, but on the race, the GS-R's configuration is crucial: 4 smooth rolling cams, a batten configuration made of lightweight tube battens and a stable draft point ensure optimal handling and perfect control. A 3D wingsleeve made of Square-Ply, unidirectional Kevlar strips inside and a luff panel made of strong X-Ply material keep the GS-R's profile perfectly in shape. Also test reports confirm - Unlimited performance at the push of a button and a reliable companion for every World Cup race.

Let's start the race!


Cam Top IMCS Best Mast Mast
cm / Ø
5.0 168/172 407 7/7 4 fix 16-18 Select/Expert 370 RDM
5.6 176/183 420 7/7 4 fix 18-20 Select/Expert 400 RDM
6.3 189/197 437 7/7 4 fix 18-20 Select/Expert 400 RDM
7.0 196/204 458 7/7 4 fix 20-22 Select 430 SDM
7.7 210/217 484 7/7 4 fix 24-26 Select 460 SDM
8.4 220/227 504 7/7 4 fix 28-30 Select 490 SDM

*Lower eyelet / Upper eyelet


The development work on a race sail is never finished. It is only interrupted by the brief moment when the best prototype goes into series production and is then meticulously continued. Such a moment has just happened again and we are proud to present our best GS-R.

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Testbericht Windsurf Segel

WIND / GS-R 7.0

Performance at all levels

DESIGN: The GS-R 7.0 remains unchanged, with only the sizes below 6.3 receiving a complete technical redesign. The GSR is equipped with two clew eyelets to rein in or maximize performance on a strongly pronounced profile. The Gunsails is the only slalom sail equipped with a luff tension adjustment aid.

ON THE WATER: From the very first moment, the Gunsails displays a sense of power that is constantly felt. The GS-R stands out in the lower part for its excellent takeoff when planing. On the water, the profile is stable in all conditions, with an unchanging linear stability, without the need to change the position of the rig. The GSR gives a stiffer feel compared to other sails. The leech opening is pronounced, allowing the sail to breathe and accelerate easily. The steering response is sensitive, and the distribution of the front and rear pull allows for a sensitive ride. The power in the low speed range allows excellent placement and easy control of opponents in match racing. It shows a sporty character that is ideal for slalom racing, but will be a bit more physical on long rides once the upper wind range opens up, especially on the upper eyelet. The physical effort will be harder for riders with little power to use the full potential of the sail. The GS-R stays very efficient in the gybe without feeling bulky in the hands. Camber rotation is good, with good relaunch power.

CONCLUSION: Once again, the GS-R shows that it still compares favorably to the competition. With remarkable stability and performance in the low and mid range, the 7.0 stays in the race. Planing performance is impressive in easy water conditions, but will be a bit more rough in the upper range. Overall, Gunsails offers a slalom model with excellent value for money with its efficiency.

+ lower wind range, acceleration, price
-  more physical effort in strong winds

Testbericht Windsurf Segel


The permanent turbo

The GS-R has changed very little, retaining a wide mast sleeve with a good profile forward and a large loose leech that extends deep down. The two clew claws are offset and the 5/5.6/6.3 sizes. have been completely redesigned for 2023.

ON THE WATER: The GS-R is slightly larger in surface area and is a lively sail for launching due to its tight, but not too physical profile. It positions itself automatically on the board with very high stability and brings firm and balanced support in both hands. In the low speed range it has a little more power than others, with a high average speed and, above all, a lot of consistency, which brings a little bonus in the top speed. It is one of the most powerful machines on long distances, since it has a large reserve of power and at the same time has a powerful profile that allows you to accelerate more in gusts: a direct link with a permanent turbo. The boom has a good length to sail with the back hand with always some pull (not too intrusive), without the profile moving backwards thanks to the pronounced loose leech. A small lift effect stabilizes the board and allows you to fly over the water without physically straining yourself. We were only shaken or straightened out a bit more in the Mistral gusts than with others, which can be attributed to a little excess power in the top: acceleration is overwhelming when you're well hooked in. No problems with camber rotation in the jibe.

CONCLUSION: The GS-R currently offers one of the best rides on the market by being present in all areas. It is suitable for everyone, from the occasional slalom rider to the most demanding, requiring less physical or technical effort than others to make up for any shortcoming.

Stability, very complete in performance for novices and pros, responsiveness, acceleration, price
-  Small excess of energy in the gusts in high range

Testbericht Windsurf Segel


On first unrolling, the GS-R presents itself as a top-of-the-range sail, with materials and finishes typical of much more expensive products, which allow you to notice from the first contact a lightness that is not usually the "hallmark" of sails and products from the German sailmaker, generally considered more affordable than others and appreciated for their incomparable value for money. GunSails' slalom sail is very well rigged: two of the four cambers are not equipped with zippers, which feels a bit strange at first, but in the position they are in, near the boom opening, you don't really need them, and the great thing is that you have two less zippers to forget to open!

Once rigged, the profile is typical of a high performance sail, the deep mast pocket allows for a powerful luff and progressive leech opening. Having used the little sister model, the Vector with three cambers, the difference in rigging is the smaller adjustment range, in the sense that, at least with our mast, you can't play much with the luff tension to get more profile in light winds or make it flatter in strong winds. The setting seems pretty "standardized", like any sail intended for slalom, to get the best in slightly stronger winds. On the other hand, the sail is very stable at sea and this 7.0 is already pushing at 9-10 knots. For the sake of completeness, we tested it with both the foil freerace and slalom boards as soon as it arrived at our editorial office. In the first case, it behaved very well, even if it is said that it is not suitable for it: it delivers immediate pressure and stability is one of the strengths of this sail. Upwind, where the wind plays tricks on foils that are not designed for these new toys, the GS-R 7.0 always remains stable, which is good for performance.

In combination with the slalom board it was designed for, the sail offers an excellent level of performance, it stands up to overpowering and strong winds and only in extremely overpowering conditions does it require more physical effort to push it to peak performance. Of course, it has a large power reserve and a profile that allows rapid acceleration in gusts, but without sudden reactions, so you can concentrate on controlling the board and the water conditions. The camber turns smoothly and allows you to defy gusty winds and ride the most demanding jibes.

All in all, this GS-R is an excellent product that is certainly the best around in terms of value for money. If you are toying with the idea of taking a slightly smaller size and playing with the luff when the wind is a little weaker, you have less room for maneuver.

Plus: Stability, acceleration, even at low rpms, responsiveness, acceleration, suitable for pro and amateurs, value for money
Minus: A little physical with the high wind

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