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Fancy radical wave maneuvers or extreme strong wind conditions? Thanks to the large wind range, the 4-batten Core Wave sail can offer both and convinces with its playful handling with just the right mix of drive and neutrality: The SEAL pulls through the turns with momentum and switches to neutral in a flash when riding the wave.


> The lightest GUNSAILS wave sail
> 100% X-Ply / Square-Ply and Kevlar Warp Laminates for the most extreme demands
> Also available as RE-SEAL with up to 75% polyester film made from recycled PET bottles
> Two-piece mast foot protector offers more protection for mast and board
> Optimal mix of drive, control and neutrality
> RDM compatible only

The current SEAL retains its uncompromising wave character. It takes off dynamically at launch and then balances itself in the wind as if on autopilot. Its precise ON/OFF behavior when riding waves, the agile handling even when powered up and the active twist recommend it for every type of waverider. A revised profile on the lower battens with an update of the mast sleeve now provide an even lighter feel, more elasticity in maneuvers and more control. The slightly longer mast curve and short boom give the SEAL its stretched outline, keeping it harmonious and controllable in all wind strengths and guaranteeing excellent overall handling. The generous use of 3 mil square-ply gives the Core Wave sail its reputation as the lightest wave sail in our range. Its features are of the highest level and at the same time guarantee durability. According to the windsurfing press, the SEAL is one of the absolute best all-rounders, so we guarantee the perfect fit for you!


Recycled Windsurf Sail


Within the last season we introduced the world's first windsurf sail made of recycled material, the RE-SEAL. Our journey to sustainability goes on and we continue to RE-THINK. To further reduce the carbon footprint of our sail collection we have added the RE-TORRO and the RE-ZOOM as recycled models to our range.
The RE-SEAL is made of up to 75% polyester film from recycled PET bottles, depending on the size. By switching to recycled material, each square meter contains about 10 recycled PET bottles, saving an additional 400 g of CO2 per m² in material production. In terms of design, features and performance the RE-SEAL is identic with the SEAL and does also live up to the well known Gunsails quality promise.

RE-THINK – our journey to sustainability


Battens Top IMCS Best Mast Mast
cm / Ø
3.2 143 345 4 vario 15-17 Cross/Expert/Select 340/370 RDM
3.5 145 351 4 vario 15-17 Cross/Expert/Select 340/370 RDM
3.7 147 360 4 vario 15-17 Cross/Expert/Select 340/370 RDM
4.0 150 367 4 vario 15-17 Cross/Expert/Select 340/370 RDM
4.2 153 378 4 fix 15-17 Cross/Expert/Select 370/340 RDM
4.5 159 384 4 fix 16-18 Cross/Expert/Select 370 RDM
4.7 165 397 4 vario 16-19 Cross/Expert/Select 370/400 RDM
5.0 170 411 4 fix 18-20 Cross/Expert/Select 400 RDM
5.3 176 418 4 fix 18-20 Cross/Expert/Select 400 RDM
5.7 180 428 4 fix 18-20 Cross/Expert/Select 400 RDM


A GUNSAILS windsurf sail is a combination of selected and high-quality materials, combined with years of experience and construction knowhow. Sail designer Renato Morlotti is responsible for the performance and quality of the sails. In his working environment he has optimised everything down to the smallest detail. Every piece of material in the sail is continuously improved in terms of durability and weight savings. Only a closer look reveals the quality, good manufacturing and durability of a GUNSAILS sail.


To ensure the functionality, easy handling and durability of our products, we have developed various features over the years and established them as our standard. The dedication and precision of our sail designer Renato Morlotti are once again evident in the individual details. An important factor that makes our quality possible and distinguishes us from other sail brands.


Testbericht Windsurf Segel Surf Magazin Test Wave Seal


Thanks to Variotopp, the new Seal can also be ridden on a 400 mast - the 370, however, is our recommendation. The Seal gets by with only moderate loose leech, the trim point in the top points the way. With Hack, you can also pull in a little more loose than recommended as a heavyweight. Also because the 2023 Seal has been given noticeably more power on the sail hand, the sail gets up to speed well and is very stable in the hand. Even without pumping and perfect planing technique, the sail finds the right angle of attack almost by itself. On the straight it then also acts powerfully, the pressure point is nailed down - annoying retrimming remains the exception. When riding waves, the sail always provides a noticeable basic pull on the sail hand (drive), which helps to arrive at the wave lip with a lot of speed in limp conditions. On the other hand, the Seal is no longer one of the most playful sails that can be directed through maneuvers and loops with two fingers.

surf conclusion: The new Seal has been tuned more powerfully again and scores as a gliding, uncomplicated and balanced sail, especially in the wave and for freeriding. For freestyle and maneuvering fans, however, the 2022 Seal even has the advantage.

+ Controle, wind range, power
o ./.
- ./.

Test reports windsurf sails review


Propulsive power and subtle softness

DESIGN: The Seal features a strong Dacron presence in its mast panel, which is widened in the top area. Its outline is semi stubby and the leech has a cut at the end of the center batten. The sailcloth is made entirely of X-Ply. Also available in a RE-Seal version made from recycled PET bottles.

ON THE WATER: The Seal's luff tension is smooth, although the mast bend is prominent. The cloth maintains leech tension by following the trim indicator, which is fairly close to its leech edge. At the boom, the tension must be evident. The rig is lighter than one might have imagined, and is very respectably in the good midrange. The Seal has a balanced profile with a pronounced hollow across the boom. Propulsion is available quite early. The pull in hand is moderate with a touch of tenderness in the responses. For a 4-batten sail, the whole is particularly stable and well behaved in a straight line. When riding waves, it offers control of progressive traction with minimal pressure in the hands at all times. This allows you to approach the lip without losing momentum. The Seal is much more agile than the Horizon, but still controllable, but less responsive than the most extreme models. We used it on thrusters rather than quads to avoid having to reduce pressure underfoot. This model is an all-rounder that adapts to a wide range of conditions.

CONCLUSION: The Seal offers a balance between stability and agility, a good mix of versatility to be effective in both jumping and wave riding. The soft reactions show a real comfort. The Gunsails is a model accessible to all levels without being overly crazy. The Seal is suitable on a waveboard of an advanced rider who wants to try all kinds of conditions.

+ Drive, versatility jumping/surfing, price
Too little craziness for the expert

Testbericht Windsurf Segel Surf Magazin Test Wave Seal


When we finally found the bread and butter to test the Seal 5.3 2022 in the form of waves and wind.... the Re-Seal 4.7 2023 came into our hands prematurely.
Given the delay in the last two issues of Wind News, it is therefore better to propose the test of the latest sail spontaneously. The Re-Seal was actually already a coveted sail for last season's testing, but between delivery delays and the "shortage" of this eco-friendly version of the Seal, made from laminates of used polyester appropriately recycled and converted into X-Ply, nothing had come of it. Until a few days ago, when the special edition Seal in size 4.7 and with its special 'green look' reaches our great hands.
We've already talked about the special design in detail in previous issues, so we'll just mention it briefly here, but at first glance, apart from the color, there are no obvious differences from the basic version of Seal! The shape confirms that it is the same model, but made of different, environmentally friendly materials.
There are no surprises in the trim either: The GunSails recommendation for the Re-Seal 4.7 is the RDM mast, and if you want to use its full potential in the waves, the best combination remains the RDM 370/17 with 27/29 cm extension, given the 397 cm mast pocket. Considering that GunSails uses the Vario-Top on this size (as on 3.2, 3.5, 3.7 and 4.0), we also tried to upgrade it with the RDM 400/19 and the combination was not daring at all, on the contrary! Especially if you are 'used' to the basic version... the Re-Seal 4.7 seems a bit more elastic and 'softer' with the 370/17, which is perhaps due to the materials used in the construction. This characteristic is already noticeable when rigging: With both masts, it is indeed easy to achieve the right luff tension to find the optimal trim, but in the water, especially with the RDM 400/19, you feel the sensation of a sail that is light in the arms, while with the 370/17 it is softer and more suitable for particularly windy conditions.
While not the most powerful wave sail, the Re-Seal 4.7 surprised us with how well it handled in the wind holes and how much power it could deliver at low speeds when trimmed appropriately in the boom. It may not be a versatile and stable "engine" like the Horizon, but it doesn't deviate much from it, and besides, it pays off in terms of maneuverability once you get into "serious" waves in strong winds, where it's even more responsive when it needs to be, but neutral in the surf at the right time. It leaves as a dominant impression that of great lightness and agility. A wave sail for experts in the sector, responsive and agile, robust and powerful, perhaps a little more "elastic" than the basic version, but equipped with the necessary stretch to be exploited even in our waves. The price/performance ratio is still unbeatable and the solid construction with the X-Ply equipped window that allows a good visibility, combined with the robustness, protects the sail in the roughest wash.

Plus: Quality/price, construction, relatively powerful, maneuverable and responsive in the surf, soft feel, eco-friendly....
Minus: Less comfort than the Horizon in very strong winds.

Testbericht Windsurf Segel Surf Magazin Test Wave Seal


A wide range of use

The lightest sail of the brand, after the wind blows in, has a pronounced profile behind the mast, with a nice twist in the leech, reinforced by different X-PLY materials lighter in the upper part, and a Dacron panel behind the mast.

ON THE WATER: The Seal has been redesigned to be lighter over the last two years and creates a nice forward push to get planing quickly. It is softer than a Horizon, but remains relatively firm in its handling with a very good overall balance when sailing. It is one of the most efficient and powerful sails in this group when it comes to positioning yourself quickly on the water, sailing high on the wind, slashing waves and keeping in planing. It offers good, balanced support on both hands and a super feel at the top of the range. It covers a wide range of conditions, is more versatile than average and appeals to a wider audience. It has a less pronounced, less exclusive character than others in this group and is more accessible and tolerant, for example, in the settings. In the wave, you have a good pressure in the front profile area to push the edge of the board into the turn with a good guidance, without neutralizing as naturally as some others, without being so light and reactive in ON/OFF. The advantage is that you still have some pressure on the back hand to accelerate or go back up to the lip of the wave at side onshore, and less dependent on the good will of the wave.

CONCLUSION: This Seal has scored a lot of points for handling different wave conditions in France, thanks to its good compromise between stability and maneuverability. It is always present, even if some would like it to be a little more neutral, with a very nice range of use in the result.

+ Price, range of use, performance, stability/handling, versatility
 Less pronounced ultra-reactivity.

Testbericht Windsurf Segel Surf Magazin Test Wave Seal


Considering that GunSails' sail range for the 2024 season remains virtually unchanged compared to this year (more on this in the news on page 20), for this test we have taken a size of Seal, the company's four-batten wave sail, which is somewhat unusual for a test... 4.0! A size that in my case (I weigh 82 kg) is the "combat" size, which allows me to easily do without the 3.5, also thanks to the 340 mast, which makes everything more tolerable, but which in the case of lightweight Andrea (he weighs 67 kg) is a sail size that he uses much more. As already shown in the test of the Re-Seal 4. 7 (we are talking about the version of this sail made from recycled material ... ) in the December/January 2023 issue, the Seal 4.0 also feels a little softer than before. The sail, which is the lightest in the GunSails range, has been further slimmed down and now reaches the weight of wave sails that cost much, much more. However, the solid construction to which the German sailmaker has accustomed us for years has not suffered. Incidentally, the Seal still relies entirely on X-Ply windows!

On the water ... Andrea came back ashore after 4/5 sessions on a thundery day, with rain, wind for a 3.5 and very long wind holes where you wouldn't even have planed with a 5.3 and said ... "This sail is not even remotely related to mine! How beautiful!" For the record: Andrea uses my three year old Seals in sizes 4.2, 4.7 and 5.3, and the Seal 4.0 that is the subject of this review was rigged with the Reptile Reverse 340, which I strongly advised him to get with a view to buying the 3.5 in the future! After using both the Reverse 340 and the 370 on the GA IQ 4.0 and then on the Gun Seal 4.0, I found that the shorter mast made the sails much more "docile" and easier to handle, even in super-sailed conditions. Ideal mast or not ... the Seal 4.0 is a good compromise between stability and maneuverability, it is more versatile than the previous models and this feature makes it "usable" for a much wider audience than just experienced surfers.

It may not be due to the softer mast that this Seal is slightly less responsive than other wave sails, but only the most experienced wavers will notice this... while the little bit of extra flex pays off in pretty much all conditions. When surfing, the Seal has the advantage of always delivering a good pull, allowing you to accelerate at a reasonable speed and attempt cut backs even when the wind under the shore is not pushing as it should. This ability is particularly appreciated in side-on shore conditions and is a good card to play in local swell. A more accessible sail than expected, for all advanced riders who want to surf in all conditions.

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