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Get ready to experience the ultimate thrill with HY-FOIL FR! This amazing foil offers unparalleled all-round performance that will leave you feeling exhilarated as you effortlessly fly through your homespot. With its advanced control, you'll be able to take off with ease, perform lightning-fast foil jibes with confidence, and even set your own personal flight record! And with four different front wing options to choose from, you'll have the freedom to customize the HY-FOIL FR to perfectly match your personal needs. So what are you waiting for? HY there and get ready for the ride of your life!

> High Modulus Carbon Mast (80,5 cm): durable and stiff
> Padded Alu Plate Connector: strong and shock absorbing
> Aluminium Fuselage (95 cm), CNC milled and anodized, aerospace grade
> Ultralight High Modulus Carbon front and back wing
> Cushioned foil bag to store your wings, mast and fuselage safely and conveniently

The HY-FOIL FR is a performing all round foil equipped with high-class construction features. The foil is designed for all levels of foilers and the use from relaxed freerace up to freestyle manoeuvres in medium to high wind conditions.

Probably the most frequently asked question. In principle, it can be stated: The larger the front wing, the easier it is to launch and the longer you stay in the air. On the other hand, smaller front wings are more responsive/maneuverable and you can also achieve higher speeds with them. In addition, your foil should also fit your body weight. The lighter the rider, the smaller the front wing. And one last rule: The more advanced the rider, the sooner he can switch to a smaller wing.

The GUNSAILS HY-FOIL series is the result of a long and intense development phase and has been designed by some of the most experienced aircraft engineers in Germany.
The profiled pre-preg high modulus carbon mast will create the lightest and most direct connection to your foil. The high modulus carbon monocoque construction also gives our high-class foil the crispest reaction and is marvelous to look at. That will enable beginners to control, feel, and enjoy the foil and allow advanced foilers to push speed and acceleration to the limit.
Perfectly optimized wing profiles result in a unique efficiency in the creation of lift and minimal drag to take off instantly. The ultra-light front and back wings are built from high modulus carbon and are designed for all-round foiling from medium to high wind conditions.The aluminum fuselage is the result of a precise robotic manufacturing process and is designed to minimize drag. With its 90cm long Aluminium fuselage the foil provides a lot of stability and allows a controlled flight, even at high speeds.

The HY-FOIL FR can be expanded in a modular way. Once you've decided on a set of a certain size, you can then later customize your next set from a selection of Front Wings, according to your needs.
A high class Freeride Foil with the potential to lift your foiling to the next level.

Need help with your selection? Our customer service is here for you via chat, email or phone. Get out and Fly-HY!


Windsurf Foil


Size Surface
Aspect Ratio Volume Front Wing
Surface Back Wing
Mast length
Fuselage length
900 900 700 6,3 5,4 880 316 80.5 95
1050 1050 900 5,7 7,7 940 316 80.5 95
1350 1350 1036 6,0 8,0 1338 316 80.5 95
1500 1500 900 6,2 5,4 2218 316 80.5 95



Testbericht Foil Windsurf Surf Magazin, Windsurf Journal, Planchemag, Windsurf UK

Another foil to test, another experience.... so to speak, given our skills in this area! Joking aside, this time it was about the GunSails Carbon Foil for windsurfers, the Hy-Foil FR 900, a wing designed for all-round/performance windsurfing. To put it simply... on paper it is a foil suitable for all levels and intended for freerace use in at least medium wind conditions. In reality, we could classify it as a product for advanced or experienced foilers who want to use it with "big" sails, also because the solid construction (which is not very light, despite all the carbon, as the bridle shows well over 6.0 kg) makes it more suitable for this kind of use.

The Hy-Foil FR 900 was developed and designed by some of Germany's most experienced aeronautical engineers and consists of a combined carbon/aluminium construction. The 85 cm mast is made of a high modulus carbon pre-preg monocoque construction, while the 90 cm fuselage is made of CNC anodised aluminium. High modulus carbon construction is again used for the 900 sq cm front wing and 316 sq cm stabiliser rear wing. Despite the size of the 900 sq cm front wing, this foil is not only suitable for medium to strong winds, as the well thought out shape of the front wing provides lift comparable to that of a larger foil, such as a 1200 sq cm wing. We first tested the Hy-Foil FR 900 with the Tabou Magic Carpet 120 and the Patrik Wave 5.2. This combination turned out to be " trickier " than expected, because getting up and flying was more complicated than we expected. Honestly, I don't know if it was the board's fault or the foil's fault.... Probably on "hybrid" boards, small and compact like the Magic Carpet 120, foils that are a bit more beginner-friendly and lighter are better, like the Hy-foil Free 1050, also from GunSails, which we will test soon and which, weighing only 4.5 kg, could be the ideal combination.

Back to the Hy-foil FR 900: it ran much, much better on the Techno Wind 130 and with foil freeride sails with two cammers, like the Raise 7.0 or the Tahe TWF 7.0, which were "supplied" with the board (see test on the previous page). With the "special" 130-litre foil board and the 7.0 with camber, the Hy-Foil FR 900 was much easier to fly, even for "beginner pilots" like us, due to the simplicity of control and flight behaviour. This foil, made available to the more experienced foilers, allows for a quick launch by minimising drag on the wing at rest, accelerating and keeping the flight in full control. The well-designed and well-built front and rear wings allow you to manage the ride even in strong winds, also thanks to the 90cm aluminium fuselage that guarantees the right stability.

At the end of the story, we are dealing with a foil intended for a slightly more experienced audience who want to use it with slightly bigger sails or in slightly stronger wind conditions... and which is offered at a more than interesting price considering its construction and general performance.

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