Re-Think Windsurf


Starting into 2022 we are honoured to celebrate 35 years of Gunsails. A proud heritage of the success story of the first and still only direct brand in Windsurfing. With the once revolutionary idea we have encouraged windsurfers to THINK before they buy. But why?

Thanks to our direct sales structure Gunsails incorporates everything from the development, sourcing, design up to customer service and the collection of your feedback. Every aspect of windsurfing out of one hand. That gives you the unique opportunity to be in direct touch with the brand: we know our products best and we will be able to guide, help and equip you within your windsurfing journey. No matter if it is spot advice or a spare part, we are here to help! We are a reliable family run company that is able to create high quality and innovative watersports equipment with the best value for money.

THINK before you buy, benefit from all the advantages of our direct selling structure and we will get your windsurfing gear directly to your doorstep.

However we live in a fast moving world that encourages us to adapt and live up to the challenges of today and the future. That is why we stay true to our direct heritage but we start to RE-THINK!

Re-Think Windsurf
Wing Foil Surf


Watersports and windsurfing have become more diverse than they have ever been. With the evolution of the foil discipline the sport has extended its range of use, increased the excitement and has hooked us to the unique sensation of flying above water. That allows us to practice our passion at the lightest of breezes and makes us rediscover new spots and opportunities. With Wing surfing on the rise, we see constant innovation and endless potential to innovate ahead of us. With the option to inflate your gear, packing dimensions have become smaller and simpler than ever. An exciting time for the watersport scene. No matter if sail or wing, from now on we FLY HY!


Let’s face it - windsurfing sails are made out of plastic. The world’s windsurfing equipment is packed in plastic. A threat to nature and oceans that we as water sports enthusiasts are depending on. We have always aimed for long lasting and durable material to get the maximum windsurfing time out of every sail. But that is not enough. That is why we RE-THINK our impact and present the world’s first partly recycled windsurfing sail, a bag collection out of recycled PET bottles and a more ecofriendly wetsuit collection. And we continuously establish plastic free packaging within our products. Another step in our roadmap to continuously reduce our impact on the environment.

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Stand Up Paddling


The restrictions of the past 2 years have made us RE-THINK the destinations we travel to. Now we’ve rediscovered that opportunities to practice our favourite sport is always somewhere close by. If it’s a lake, a river or the sea, planning or flying gives us the same sensation and excitement at home as in a tropical lagoon. As the situation slowly seems to turn back to normality, let’s keep our local spots alive and let‘s be even more excited about the next windsurfing trip to another destination. We have been going along that path already for 4 years as we always organized our yearly photoshooting within Europe instead of flying across the globe. Lets RE-THINK!


We have been around for a while now and we have been known for high quality products at unbeatable prices and outstanding customer service. From being a reliable windsurfing brand Gunsails has evolved to an innovative water sports company with its own development centers in sail design and composite construction. In order to create one of the most sustainable and durable surfboard constructions in the world, we have been collaborating with prestigious German universities. We also work alongside gifted aircraft engineers within our foil development and we collaborate with like minded brands where we can. Next to our products we continuously develop our digital processes and service quality to offer you the best possible experience.

Thus, we are a company in continuous transition. However, some things will never change, next to our new diversity, increased innovation and quality competency we will stay the reliable and uncomplicated family business we have always been and we stick to our highest priority - happy and satisfied customers.

Windsurf Jibe


That is why we have decided to focus a big part of our effort to reduce our impact on the environment and become more resource efficient where we can actually control it best. Within our products!