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Relaxed freeriding, freestyle moves or some wave riding? The answer is always the freemove sail TORRO. The all-rounder among our sails impresses with early planing, perfect maneuver handling and top speed. With its unbeatable versatility, wide range of use and broad wind range, the TORRO embodies the ultimate all-round sail.

Windsurf Windsurf

> Best all-round characteristics from freeride, freestyle to wave
> Optimal mix of maneuverability and performance
> 70% X-Ply for durability, 3 mil Square-Ply in the top for light feel
> Also available as RE-TORRO with up to 75% polyester film made from recycled PET bottles
> Size specific design and batten concept from more handling at small sizes to more freeride for larger sizes
> Reduced boom length, shorter boom for compact handling and powerful acceleration
> RDM compatible only (6.6 and 6.9 sqm also tolerate SDM)

Probably the most popular Gunsails sail, TORRO stands for all round capabilities and versatility. The different sizes of the 5 batten sail are adapted to the respective conditions. The TORRO in the smaller sizes up to 5.3 sqm convinces with a compact shape and is therefore easy to jibe even in strong winds and, thanks to its neutrality, it stands out through excellent control. These characteristics make the smaller sizes ideal for bump & jump and some action in the wave.
From 5.7 sqm upwards, the profile develops more propulsion thanks to the integrated tube batten equipping the TORRO with more freeriding power. The focus of this year's development was especially on these larger sizes. Due to the more accentuated profile in the lower part of the sail body, the sail now develops even more lift and power in the low wind range. This shape improvement ensures a constant power creation and thus the perfect amount of drive, speed and acceleration.
With playfully light construction and a clearly defined trim setting via the FRED, the TORRO already covers a huge wind range. Annoying re-trimming becomes a thing of the past. The high-quality construction of the sail consists of robust X-Ply in combination with 3 mil Square-Ply in the top as well as 2 mil Kevlar Warp Laminate. The intelligent combination of materials gives the TORRO its light handling and yet the necessary stability and durability. This configuration ensures the respected Gunsails quality.
The windsurfing magazine Surf also confirms year after year. The TORRO is the ultimate all-rounder for every surf level and every condition. A sail for everyone, with the right amount of performance and above all, tons of windsurfing fun.


Within the last season we introduced the world's first windsurf sail made of recycled material, the RE-SEAL. Our journey to sustainability goes on and we continue to RE-THINK. To further reduce the carbon footprint of our sail collection we have added the RE-TORRO and the RE-ZOOM as recycled models to our range.
The RE-TORRO is made of up to 75% polyester film from recycled PET bottles, depending on the size. By switching to recycled material, each square meter contains about 10 recycled PET bottles, saving an additional 400 g of CO2 per m² in material production. In terms of design, features and performance the RE-TORRO is identic with the TORRO and does also live up to the well-known Gunsails quality promise.

RE-THINK – our journey to sustainability


Top IMCS Best Mast Mast
cm / Ø
4.0 150 382 5/0 vario 16-18 Cross/Expert/Select 370 RDM
4.3 157 393 5/0 vario 16-18 Cross/Expert/Select 370 RDM
4.7 162 405 5/0 vario 18-20 Cross/Expert/Select 400 RDM
5.0 169 414 5/0 vario 18-20 Cross/Expert/Select 400 RDM
5.3 175 424 5/0 vario 18-20 Cross/Expert/Select 400 RDM
5.7 177 442 5/1 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 RDM
6.0 182 446 5/1 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 RDM
6.3 187 451 5/1 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 RDM
6.6 194 454 5/1 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 RDM/SDM
6.9 198 457 5/1 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 RDM/SDM


A GUNSAILS windsurf sail is a combination of selected and high-quality materials, combined with years of experience and construction knowhow. Sail designer Renato Morlotti is responsible for the performance and quality of the sails. In his working environment he has optimised everything down to the smallest detail. Every piece of material in the sail is continuously improved in terms of durability and weight savings. Only a closer look reveals the quality, good manufacturing and durability of a GUNSAILS sail.


To ensure the functionality, easy handling and durability of our products, we have developed various features over the years and established them as our standard. The dedication and precision of our sail designer Renato Morlotti are once again evident in the individual details. An important factor that makes our quality possible and distinguishes us from other sail brands.


Test Reports Windsurf Sails Surf Magazin, Windsurf Journal, Planchemag, Windsurf UK


The GunSails Torro is a classic among freemove sails. Up to size 5.3 square meters it is more of a maneuvering sail, the sizes with 5.7 and more are then tuned for higher performance - with a deeper profile, tube battens and longer boom dimensions. In size 4.7, the Torro is rigged on a 400 mast, but thanks to a vario top, a 430 mast would also be possible. The top features the tried and tested "Fred" marking, which makes it easier to find the right luff tension. The other features such as the mast protector, chafe protection on the battens and the material thickness of the monofilm leave nothing to be desired. If you prefer, the Torro is also available in a version made from 70 percent recycled plastic - called Re-Torro.

The GunSails Torro is perfectly balanced in your hands from the first time you pull it tight. The ideal trim is easy to find, simply trim up to the glued mark on the top and then hook it into the boom with just a little pull. The wind range of this freemoving sail is above average, re-trimming is hardly necessary as the sail remains manageable for a very long time even in the bulbous trim. It offers the perfect mix of control and riding stability, which actually suits every board type from freeride to freewave. The holding force is well within limits, even if it is not quite as light in the hands as a Naish or Severne when powered up. The agile sail feeling is maintained even in gusts, the top speed is impressive because the Torro develops a lot of power in wind holes as well as in strong gusts and you can let the board fly over the fin. The maneuver handling is also impressive, the batten rotation is smooth, and regardless of whether you are maneuvering the sail through duck jibes or setting up for a front loop - the Torro simply leaves nothing to be desired. And for the wave? Naturally, it is not as agile as a pure wave sail - but first rides in moderate surf are no problem.

SURF CONCLUSION: The Torro convinces with planing power, control and good handling, the wind range of the sail is just as large as the target group. It suits fast single fin boards, but is also a good choice for a multifin board in small Baltic surf.

Testbericht Windsurf Freemove Segel Surf Magazin, Windsurf Journal, Planchemag, Windsurf UK


THE LOWDOWN: The Torro is a longstanding sail in Gunsails Line up and is stated as the all-terrain freemove sail, covering wave, freestyle or freeride and is a favourite among Gunsails customers. The 5-batten sail is produced in ten sizes from 4.0 to 6.9, and is produced in an orange and red colourway.
The Torro is constructed with a combination of X-ply, 3mm square ply, and 2mm Kevlar warp laminate to ensure the sail is lightweight whilst maintaining durability and stability. The integrated kevlar lines in the sail provide consistent characteristics in the sail regardless of use. Upwards of the 5.7, the sail is designed with a freeride feel and a more direct profile to produce drive and acceleration. The sail boasts a relatively loose leech profile to provide control at the upper end of the wind limit, avoiding the need for retuning. To improve the stability in the upper regions of the sail, mini battens have been used to avoid leech flutter, while the trim guide on the sail ensures the leech profile is set to perfect tension.
For the 2023 season, the Torro is also produced in Gunsails RE construction, using recycled materials. The brand is industry-leading in this regard as they continue to advance sustainability in their production.

BRAND CLAIM: “Relaxed freeriding, freestyle moves or some wave riding? The answer is always the freemove sail TORRO.”

PERFORMANCE: Set foot on the water and sheet in, and you will instantly notice the Torro adopt a much deeper profile as the wind hits, moving away from its flat resting profile. As the power fills, the sail provides a real sense of lift, which, once directed, moves the kit onto the plane fast. This sail allows the rider to feel like an idle copilot as the sail breaths through the gusts, and the centre of effort stays sturdy. As the breeze decreases, the sail loses a little bit of depth and begins to behave in a more playful manner, where a little work with the backhand goes a long way. The sail feels incredibly comfortable, never asking too much of the rider and really allows them to settle into the harness, confident they can expect smooth transitions in variable conditions.
This smoothness transfers well into the manoeuvres, where the sail can be directed calmly, a strong asset when the wind is up and things get hectic. Whilst not as sharp and crisp as some of the other sails on test, the sail's qualities are calming, bestowing the rider with a slower sense of time when it is needed.

THE VERDICT: The Torro is no doubt one of the easier sails on test. With a real plug-and-play feel, it is sure to assist any rider in progressing their windsurfing, giving kindly received time to execute manoeuvres and deal with changes in pressure.

Test report windsurf sail


THE LOWDOWN: GUNSAILS are leading the charge with the Re-Torro as it is made from 75% recycled polyester film obtained from recycled PET bottles, which not only helps the environment, but also saving on material production. In terms of design, features, and performance, the Re-Torro is identical to the Torro. At rest, the Re-Torro rigs with a loose leech, falling away consistently, while the trim guide on the top panel provides a clear setting for the downhaul. Moving down into the belly of the sail, it sits quite flat, but with a substantial amount of batten overlap on the mast, it fills substantially when filled with breeze. In sizes 5.7m and above, the Re-Torro profile is geared more towards propulsion, equipping these sizes with more freeriding power. This doesn’t mean they can't be used in bump and jump, or marginal wave sailing conditions, as they still carry some of the compact looseness of the smaller sizes (5.3m downwards). With the goal of maintaining a consistent feel across the entire range of sizes, the Re-Torro holds a consistent 5-batten outline. The Re-Torro feels well-made and well-balanced, while the recycled materials used in the design and construction haven't, upon first glance and rigging, impacted the shape or overall quality of the sail.

PERFORMANCE: Filled with breeze and sheeted in, the once flat belly of the sail grows and deepens, creating a very easy-to-use, smooth, and positive force, that once directed through the board, gets you up to speed with ease. Once planing, the Re-Torro is perfectly balanced in the hands, with the effort in the sail level with the rider. With a natural tuning ability, it does a lot of the work for you and it was actually difficult to feel overpowered as the sail breathes for you, naturally tuning and twisting to take away the sting of any gust you sail through. This fantastic characteristic transforms conditions that would otherwise be classified as rather zesty 5.7m weather, into very manageable and enjoyable conditions as the power remains exceptionally stable. Through the lulls, the Re-Torro does lose some of its belly, as expected, but a change of sailing line paired with some input from the back hand helps carry you through. Gybing the Re-Torro is a smooth and gentle process with the Re-Torro’s stability instilling confidence into the rider as you are not being pulled off balance on either the entry or exit. In the air, the Re-Torro feels just like it does on the water - gentle and manageable - not pulling you into anything you don’t want to be pulled into. Pushing the Re-Torro’s limits in some waves, its soft, smooth delivery encourages a riding style to match. The Re-Torro isn’t going to sit you super tight in the pocket, or manoeuvre you aggressively up the face, but it will allow you to place a couple of turns on a wave face. The Re-Torro a real chameleon in the lineup that will adapt, but remain true to its character.

THE VERDICT: The Re-Torro naturally instils the rider with the confidence to manage a range of conditions thanks to its easy tune-ability. The Re-Torro offers gentle and stable power delivery, while it remains well-balanced throughout, and in more challenging conditions, it tends to do a lot of the handwork for you, which puts the rider at ease, both on the water and in their soul, knowing that they have done their bit for the environment as the Re-Torro is made from recycled materials.

Test report windsurf sail


Fun, versatile and accessible

DESIGN: The Torro is a line that evolves according to size, changing from wave to freewave up to 5.3 and and beyond to freeride. The cut is simple and compact, with 5 battens and light Square Ply in the sail top. The large window is made of X-ply and a monofilm panel is attached above it.

ON THE WATER: The Torro is easy to trim thanks to the precise trim indications and the help of the luff tension logo: A single luff trim is required in all wind speeds. There is only one eyelet for the clew, which simplifies the operation of a sail with a large range. The rig has a compact cloth with a less pronounced profile, the boom even appears shorter than it is. The pressure in the hand is finely dosed with a slight touch of smoothness. The 5.3 is lively on demand and knows how to moderate itself on a straight line. It's not the most rigid, but it allows you to sail long blasts with full throttle. The Torro tends to unlock the board's handling, making it playful and even zippy. The Gunsails has a playful behaviour that makes you want to jump, go straight or surf the wave. The moderate boom takes the pressure off the back hand when you want to push the rail into the wave. The turns are easy to take, with a gradual and smooth regain of traction. The rotation in the jibe is also a plus for the Torro.

CONCLUSION: Weight, balance, the feel of a short boom - all contribute to describe a product where the ease of riding sums it all up: With the Torro, you can allow yourself to consider everything. This cloth is at once playful and stable, accessible and fun, the Gunsails appeals to a wide group of users. The 5.3 cannot disappoint in its handling and is suitable for both freewave board surfing and freeriding.

+ easy adjustment, easy navigation, versatile, range of use, price.
nothing to complain about

Test report windsurf sail


The Torro has become a must-have in Wind News' tests. A crossover that continues to enjoy great popularity, not least because of its excellent price-performance ratio. Until two years ago, it was flanked by the FR version, which was more oriented towards freeriding. Since last year, this dual soul has been integrated into the Torro itself, with sizes up to 5.3 oriented more towards bump&jump and sizes from 5.7 upwards featuring a larger profile in the lower section and a tube batten able to emphasize more power and enhance the freeride character.

The TORRO is also enriched this year by the version Re-Torro, that is, the version made of recycled material that has already been used for the Re-Seal and the Re-Zoom, whose test you can find here on the site. The prices are identical, but if you want to wink at the environment and wait for July (current expected delivery date), the green version should be your first choice. In terms of construction, the Torro confirms the sense of robustness to which the brand has accustomed us, with ample use of reinforced X-Ply in the various areas, just as the film of the large central window is reinforced. A build quality that is paid a little with the general lightness, but nothing for a normal driver to worry about. Aesthetically, it's understated (maybe even too much so), but it has its own character and recalls the style of the brand's other sails. On the water, we tested the Torro with two different RDM masts: MaverX SuperLeggero 430 100% and NeilPryde NPX 430 90%, and in both cases we found perfect compatibility. Trimming is made easier by our friend Fred*, and there is no shortage of other small construction details that improve the overall robustness of the product.

In the water, the Torro 6.3 is very balanced and powerful, thanks to a form factor that offers more surface area in the lower part at this size. Even at excessive speed, the Torro doesn't rip and shows good dynamics in the behavior of the mast curve and in the gradual control of the power, remaining controllable despite the generous length of the boom. A length that is appreciated and exploited in pure freeriding for its greater power, but that can be a bit of a hindrance in small waves.

Certainly we are dealing with a good crossover, perfect for freestyle waves (and it is no coincidence that it was used in the JP FSW test) and that stands out for its robustness and even more for its price.

+ quality/price, wide range of use. all-terrain thoroughbred, balanced. powerful, fast. agile, robust.
- always the same look

Test report windsurf sail


The Chameleon Sail

With a distinct profile in the forward area behind the mast, the Torro 5.7 is built from 70% X-Ply, which is lighter in the upper area and has widely spaced threads in the main window. There is a tube batten and a nice loose leech.

ON THE WATER: The Torro, with its 100% RDM mast (which brings an additional boost effect), is relatively light when standing and is one of the active sails that convert the gust into a direct acceleration. This is due to the magic of a small turbo boost triggered by a balanced profile, a decent rear hand and a moderate boom length. The feeling of planing is strong, you are accelerated to Mach 2 in a few meters, with a high cruising speed in this program. The advantage of the short boom is that you can release the rear hand tension to go into "energy saving" mode, while maintaining forward momentum and high speed. When you switch to "full speed" mode you can hang on to the freeride sails that are on a half-wind course: it can get very fast, with a well opening leech and a locked pressure point. It's not bulky in jumps, efficient in shifting and stays manageable in small waves, neutralizing and getting lighter when you tighten the tension on the boom to make it flatter, even at the risk of losing some pull on the back hand a few horsepower.
At medium settings, it offers a wide range of use.

CONCLUSION: The Torro is the lowest priced sail in the group, but it remains a reference model for versatility, offering an excellent balance between stability/planing in a straight line and maneuverability in small waves, with intuitive settings and lots of fun. A true chameleon sail that adapts to the type of terrain that surrounds it.

+ Range of use, compromise between maneuverability and speed, stability, reliable construction, price

Test report windsurf sail


The all-round sail Torro is also available in recycled materials (Re-Torro) with the same shape. The 5.7 was tuned with more profile in the lower sail area more powerful than last year. As always, trim help Fred assists in finding the right luff trim. With the Torro, it is very easy to find the right angle of attack, and overall the sail appears more powerful than average. You can get by with little tension at the clew, then there's a lot of power with a stable pressure point. Even in wind holes you always feel some built-in pull on the sail hand, which helps to keep the pressure on the fin and to sail a good average speed. In maneuvers, the sail also doesn't show any weakness, delivering good pull in the jibe. In rotated moves from duckjibe to spinloop, however, it is not quite as light in the hand as the featherweights of the group.

surf conclusion: As a strong planing and very controllable sail, the Torro is ideal for small freeride or freemove boards. The model definitely meets the all-round demand, with a small tendency to flat water blasting. For basic freestyle and wave there are more manageable alternatives.

+ Control, top speed, handling
o nothing
- nothing

Test report windsurf sail


The test of a truly "unusual" size for the Torro from GunSails, which for 2024, apart from a few "early" additions planned for this spring, is keeping all the sails from last season in full. For a change and out of curiosity, we opted for the largest size in this line to see if the Torro 6.9 also confirms all the qualities that we have always appreciated when testing the smaller sizes! The Torro, which is also available in the eco-friendly Re-Torro version, is a true "all-terrain" sail as it covers pretty much all the "classic" disciplines of windsurfing, from wave to freeride and freestyle. This feature has made it one of the most popular sails and certainly the most purchased by the brand's fans. The key to its success lies in its extreme versatility, but also in the fact that everyone who tries it, whether beginner or expert, always returns to shore with a smile!

The secret of this alchemy is quickly revealed: it is certainly an easy sail that will help any rider to progress, but it also has a good level of performance and a "playful" behavior that will not disappoint even experienced windsurfers.
This 6.9 does not escape this "fate" either: it can be rigged in no time as it requires no special attention in adjusting the luff tension to achieve the right trim for any condition, helped by the "Fred" in the leech which is a kind of trim guide for not so "experienced" surfers! Even with a 430/21 RDM mast, on a sail that might prefer an SDM mast given the size, you can't help but appreciate the traditional Torro qualities from the first planing. Perhaps the combination with the RDM mast improves the planing a little, perhaps it becomes a little more physical in strong winds, but the fact remains that this 6.9 planes at a speed equivalent to a larger size freeride sail. In the five larger sizes (5.7, 6.0, 6.3, 6.6 and 6.9), the Torro takes on a deeper profile with a gradually freeride-oriented orientation that guarantees sufficient thrust and acceleration in light winds.

This "virtue" does not affect the control and stability of the sail so much when you go out into stronger winds! The feel remains "soft" and the control comfortable even in these conditions, but experienced surfers will be convinced by a sail that is lively in the hand, fast and fun! Anyone trying out the Torro for the first time will gradually learn to appreciate its potential. Once you can jibe, even with this size 6.9, you will immediately understand why this sail has so many admirers: as light and playful as a 6.5! It confirms everything that has been said and written about this sail for years... The 6.9 will continue to be praised!

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